• Oval Shaped Diamonds

    The oval shaped diamond features between 56 and 58 facets. It is a brilliant cut diamond with plenty of fire and brightness. It is a versatile diamond cut that can be used in the majority of settings.


    The oval shape shares a lot of similarities with the round cut. However, due to its more elongated shape, it appears much larger.

    Some diamond shoppers may like the light performance of the round cut but prefer to get something different and more unique. The natural choice for such diamond buyers is the oval shape.



    If you are the type of person who considers themselves highly individual, a risk-taker or someone creative, these are all personality traits that are associated with the oval diamond shape.


    Unlike the round cut however that only comes in one shape, the oval shape can come in multiple lengths and widths. The most ideal will depend on the personal preference of the diamond shopper.


    Coupled with the fact that the oval shape makes the fingers appear longer and has plenty of fire, this makes it a popular choice for engagement rings.


    The oval shaped diamond is prone to the bowtie effect. All oval shapes will display some level of bowtie. The key to getting the best cut oval shape is to pick a diamond with a subtle bowtie.


    When the stone set with smaller diamonds surrounding it, then a narrower shape is preferable otherwise it runs the risk of appearing round.



    When buying the oval shape, the most important factor is to view the diamond yourself and not to rely on lab reports. This is because the oval shape doesn’t come with a cut grade. The only way to see how the diamond performs and how it appears is by observing it.

    We recommend buying from the leading online sellers James Allen, Blue Nile or Whiteflash. They provide HD 360-degree videos of the diamonds allowing you to make the best evaluation.

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